Maker of things;

for Film, creative commission & Everyday Assignment
wellington, new zealand



I am a Designer, a Maker & an Artist.  I work in Film, in Government and for independent clients in Wellington, New Zealand. 

My work involves Props Making, Model Making, Scenic Painting, Special Effects, Costuming, Exhibitions, Fabrication for other Fine Artists and Permanent Interior Installations.  With a current NZ Security Clearance, I work with Government Departments in Graphic Design and I relish any opportunity to exhibit my own artwork.

I am a Designer who brings a practical view to fabrication and a relentless drive to research. I spend most of my time in the workshop, where I actively integrate traditional craft methodologies with digital fabrication techniques. I enjoy working either from concept to completion, or within a larger team or organisation.

Within my own artwork, I draw a level of playfulness from the mundane.  I create immersive worlds of greenery, vivid colour and wandering lines.  Most often, my work, in whichever form it takes, explores abstracted and unknown places, sparked from strange botanicals and obscure normalities.  Through different rules, regulations, systems and processes, I communicate stories of unknown places, which translate beautifully into convincing environments, whether two or three-dimensional.

I have a Bachelor of Design (major: Spatial) from AUT University, which included an exchange to the University of North Carolina, followed by a Certificate in Small Business Management.  If you are interested in discussing a project, or simply saying hi, I would love for you to connect through,

email: shiloh@shilohdobie.com

facebook: shiloh dobie design

instagram: shilohdobie

all images are strictly copyright.

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