site-specific painting


original artwork by SHILOH DOBIE

NZ Art Show Entry & Studio Installation

Based on the Oriental Bay Concrete Terraces in Wellington, New Zealand, CONCRETE TERRACES is an exploration of form, colour and painterly qualities.  With technical challenges of verticality, while maintaining translucency, Shiloh engaged in new mediums, glazes and bleed codes to achieve a wall installation, where perspectives change based on the viewers angle of view.  Individual terrace blocks disobey traditional rules of perspective, appearing slightly off-canter, unconventional, quaint and bizarre.  As blocks overlap, translucency builds, constructing new colours and levels of opacity.

Shiloh reproduced this studio installation on a piece of acrylic, spanning 2m across and 1m high.  The work was accepted and displayed at the NZ Art Show in Wellington, New Zealand in 2012.

Copyright © Shiloh Dobie

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