original artwork by SHILOH DOBIE

Tell a story; truth or a lie.  Explorations begin with a doodle on paper translated onto the wall with ballpoint pen.  Imposing rules for production, each drawing was copied from the one directly preceding. Thirteen drawings in total weaved their way around a white Studio wall, each taking 4-5 hours and changing ever so slightly with each reproduction.  At the end of the wall, the subsequent image was produced from memory as it weaved around the other side and back the way it came.

Investigating moments of variation within a mechanical reproduction process, Whispers is an immersive and overwhelming installation piece, evoking a sense of labour, time and human error.  Tools and materials become animated, revealing an energy, vitality and a life of their own through self-imposed production restraints where, arguably, artist becomes as much tool for production as objects are.

Copyright © Shiloh Dobie

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